MCLC Policy


  1. No eating in the Computer Laboratory.
  2. We don't permit unlawful visits of friends and well wishers.
  3. No drinking of water in the Computer Laboratory.
  4. Don't Open the Computer, that is, the System Unit.
  5. No Dropping of Any Materials On the floor.
  6. Don' t Change the Mouse or Keyboard except you are ask to do so by an instructor.
  7. Noise Making is not accepted in the Computer Laboratory.
  8. Don't Bring Out your Phone When the Lecture is going on.
  9. Sign In and Out when Going and Coming, failing to do so will result to calling your parents/guidance
    by the Management of MANDAVO COMPUTER LEARNING CENTER and serious action will be taking.
  10. No Stealing, if Caught you will Pay Dearly.
  11. If you Get Stuck; Call on the Instructors for Assistance.
  12. Keep your Properties Safe and Secure, the Company will not be held responsible for any lost of Properties.

Thank You for your Co-Operation